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Why You Need A Professional Home Inspection

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Ok. So, you’ve had your financing pre-approved, found your dream home, signed the contract and have a satisfactory appraisal in hand. Now all you need to do is schedule the closing and pack your bags, right?

Not so fast. You may have skipped an annoying, yet vitally important step in the process; a professional home inspection. Here’s why:

  1. Given that a home purchase may be the largest single investment of your life, you will want to make sure that you’re not buying the proverbial “money pit.” A professional home inspection is likely to reveal structural concerns that may not be apparent to the untrained eye.Some structural defects involving the home’s foundation can cost tens of thousands of dollars to repair.Or, perhaps you didn’t realize your prospective home has a 30 year old septic system in need of replacement to the tune of $15,000.A savvy home inspector will alert you to these sometimes subtle issues.

  2. A professional home inspector is aware of product recalls and defects.For example, did you know that there is a particular brand of architectural roofing shingle that was installed around 2006 that will prematurely fail?A good home inspector knows how to identify this defective product which may just save you thousands of dollars in replacement costs.

  3. With the identification of safety issues a main component of a thorough home inspection,the inspector can alert you to potential defects that may result in the safety of your family.Thousands of decks in the metro Atlanta area are improperly installed which could result in serious personal injury or death resulting from a deck collapse. A knowledgeable home inspector knows what to look for.

  4. A professional home inspector has no “dog in the fight.”While you probably have a degree of emotional investment in the transaction, your inspector provides an objective pair of eyes to the process and will be straight –up with you regarding his/her findings.

  5. Finally, a quality home inspector will furnish you with a comprehensive report on the present condition of the property, including all significant deficiencies.Oftentimes, you can use this information to approach the seller requesting certain repairs and/or pricing concessions.

A professional home inspection just makes good sense. Typically, well under $1,000, the cost of a home inspection is well worth it, even if only for your own peace of mind.

Steve Sheldon is the founder of Probe Home Inspections, LLC and Home Inspection Training Institute Today. If you need a professional home inspection from a Certified Home Inspector, visit, today!

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