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Why Take Live Home Inspector Training When On-Line Courses Are Cheaper?

It’s perfectly logical to think that paying a premium to participate in a live home inspection class doesn’t make sense when an on-line home study course is offering the same training for half the cost. But the fact is, these two very different types of learning vehicles are not at all the “same.”

First, a major component of a good live training program is hands-on experience. Can you imagine doing your first inspection and freaking out when you can’t find the main water shut-off or the electrical distribution panel? Live training will show you how to track down where these components are likely to be located in a home as well as teach you how to inspect them.

Second, live training will give you the opportunity to ask questions….lots of questions. Have you ever noticed that when you’re learning something new it’s never quite as simple as committing lots of information to your memory that you can recall later when you need it? Learning new things is a process that typically leads to more questions than answers. Until put into context, information is just information. The key is being able to ask the questions that will enable you to understand the information you receive and apply it successfully on the job. No on-line course offers you the ability to interact with the instructor and get your questions answered--none. And, trust me, you will have many questions.

Finally, years of practical experience have taught us that live participation in the learning process just makes good sense. Say, for example, you had to undergo a major surgical procedure. Would you be more inclined to choose a surgeon who was personally trained in the performance of the procedure or one who saw the procedure performed on YouTube? If you answered the latter, save your money and enroll in an on-line course. Just don’t let your future customers know.

If you are ready to start a new career with the earning potential of over $85,000 per year, enroll in our next upcoming home inspection class and learn from one of the best in the industry.

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