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"I am so grateful for my new life."

Megan Riley Wilson, owner of Bridge Home Inspection, LLC and Hit-it graduate, describes her experience with Hit-it and how it has shaped her life.


I attended the Hit-it Home Inspection Training classes in the summer of 2017. Prior to the classes, I was full of doubt that I could accomplish anything. It seemed I had a series of failures in business and in life. A recent divorce left me with three children to care for, making time and money extremely limited. My general experience with the real estate and construction industry were limited to that of a residential painter and some appraisal work for my ex-husband's appraisal business. I was extremely interested in home inspection because I had come across inspectors while on the site for appraisals. When I discovered that becoming an inspector was a semi affordable prospect with minimal startup costs, I thought, "this is my one chance to turn life around for myself and my family." Something inside told me to make the leap and don't turn back.

Georgia Home Inspector Working

A month or more prior to classes, I stopped my life entirely. Setting aside Monday-Thursday for studying the book for the class as well as the InterNACHI courses. I worked a 40-hour work week on the weekends, all the while managing a three, five, and thirteen year old. Many days I felt defeated and exhausted, but the overwhelming desire to improve my circumstances pushed me forward. Walking into the Hit-it class, I shrunk, feeling like a nobody amidst a bunch of professional, quality "somebodies." Towering at 5'0", weighing in at 105lbs, and topped with blonde frizzy curls, I did not feel like I fit in. But something happened during these classes. I spoke up, I had the answers, and confidence began to build. Steve kept calling my chair "the smart chair," because who could have predicted the miniature female would have the answers to the construction questions? For once, I had found my place, as unconventional as it was. Leaving the Hit-it classes, I took Steve's plan for success and followed it rigorously. I was a legal business within a month. From there, I dropped all my jobs and declared myself a Certified Professional Inspector. I went out and met people every single day, and then one day the phone started ringing. I took a huge leap of faith for this career and have been met with nothing but blessings. I do not veer from my plan of action and I am currently making a quality living from my business Bridge Home Inspection, LLC.

I have no idea what the future holds for me in this business, but I can say that my children have all their needs and many of their wants met. We have a comfortable home and the power always stays on. We have quality meals, clean and well-kept clothes, my middle son gets to play soccer, and I get to be there for every game and practice. My mother is currently in hospice, I am able to travel to see her twice a week, and be there to help care for her. My life is full and totally complete for the first time, and that would not be true if I had not made this leap of faith into a new career. I am so grateful for my new life.


Megan Riley Wilson is the owner of Bridge Home Inspection, LLC and graduate of Hit-it’s Home Inspection Training Course. Hit-it operates courses in Atlanta, GA and West Palm Beach and Tampa, Florida.


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