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Become a CERTIFIED Home Inspector

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This is our 3-day course with a maximum of only eight students, designed to prepare students to immediately begin performing fee-based professional home inspections. This program teaches all the needed technical skills, including in-depth training of a home’s major components, how to inspect them, identify important defects, and communicate these findings to the client in a concise, clearly written report.

The course includes FREE Certified Professional Inspector status through InterNachi (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors), the largest home inspection association in the country, FREE thirty day InterNachi membership.

Additionally, the course provides both a FREE comprehensive marketing program which will teach students how to immediately develop a broad base of loyal real estate clients, and FREE access to a video library with over 22 hours of additional training.

This course is designed for students who wish to begin their careers immediately and desire the most comprehensive training available in the industry over the shortest period of time.  

Our courses will provide you with…

The necessary skills to launch your career as a home inspector.

A free 1-month membership in InterNachi.

A complete business development plan + free telephone field support.

Course will be held in Bloomington from May 12th - May 14th.

Seating is limited.

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